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By Rusty

Rustys Villa construction pictures from start to finish are found on my Veterans Website www.vfvs.com located in Rustys Family Photo Link at top of VFVS Cover Page. We started Rusty Villa construction November of 2006 and fine tuning it December 2009.

Call Rusty for reservations on his CA Cell phone (949) 705-7009 for quicker response and leave a message and we can get back to you the same day. We have WI-FI available for your internet needs while you visit Rusty's Surf Villa.

Grand Opening in 2010

Rusty Villa Welcomes all Visitors with the aloha spirit in this beautiful paradise called Playa La Saladita The magic of Playa La Saladita starts with the locals who live there as we share these perfect waves with them we all share a stoke knowing that everyone is surfing from all levels of surfing experience. Playa La Saladita has a kinder gentler wave on most days and will rock on certain days its all about just being there that is the dream for most that come time and time again.

This surfing spot has caught the eyes of so many over the past decade since I have been surfing it and I notice more and more return faces which makes the experience of surfing Playa La Saladita that much better when your surfing with friends from past years makes everyday perfect.

My twin brother Robert is flying in on February 4th with me and it will be his very first time visiting Rustys Villa. Robert has been there as a partner in building the Villa and since he worked in construction most of his life he decided to invest but not visit the Villa till it was finished. We are now in flight with that dream after 2 1/2 years of building Rustys Villa.
Nos Vemos Amigos and Amigas,
Rusty in Playa La Saladita

We have been back now 8 days and it feels so good to just relax and enjoy our Villa. Now that we are back we decided to build a outside movie screen made out of white pasta cement located in the car port area so we can project movies of your choice under the stars as you relax at night. This construction will start Monday and will be finished in 5 days. So bring your best Dvds and set up your entertainment for your family and friends while here at Rustys Villa.

The surf has been a little flat but promising over the weekend for sure I will take time to surf it up nicely as this is what Rustys Villa is all about enjoying the surf out front and on the point break to the South of Playa La Salaidta. We do have fishing poles in case you want to try your luck at fishing in the shore break in front of the Villa. I smell fish tacos any day of the week and we will provide the salts and peppers and spices that you need to make that special dinner in our kitchen once you land a red snapper or ? is a great way to spend time while waiting for the surf to come up.

The surf forecast on our website called it right for this weekends surfing action The swell is building over Saturday and peaking on Sunday so many waves will be ridden by the selected few that happen to show up and paddle out at Playa La Saladita. See you in the line up RUSTY

The surf this week in Playa LaSaladita has been up for most of the week. Mid morning has been best with an incoming tide so I had time to have coffee and wake up a bit before the long paddle out. Being a Hotel owner has its challenges when it comes to running into town to do business and then the whole town shuts down because of Siesta time. This give us time to go to the internet cafe to catch up on emails and wait for the specialty stores to open again before it gets dark. Today I traveled all the way to Lazro Cardenes to find wooden brackets to hang the custom curtains and we may end up driving back without them, just another day in Mexico as I would rather be surfing. It all about fine tuning Rustys Villa for your comfort for sure and when these things are finished up it will be good to surf any day the surf is going off and not miss the better days because of construction. 2010 will be a good year for Rustys Villa now that we are having our Grand Opening year. We ended up making our own brackets and now the curtains are all in place and look great giving the bedrooms a completed look.

Another fine week has left us with some good waves and stories for our friends on how they all missed it, should of been there it was epic a common story among most surfer I know. The surf really did pick up going into the weekend and some waves were ridden out front of Rustys Villa by Corky Carrol and Tim Dorsey this Sunday I believe the outer break is nicknamed Corky Land and the inside Right is named Nobodys Right after my twin brother Robert Its all good especially when its 80 degree water and a summer type of day here at Playa LaSaladita.

This year 2010 Rustys Villa is in a postition give out two rooms to Missionaries from Southern Hills Church of Christ Albany Texas for one week while they come in and give medical treatment to all the people here at Los llions / Playa LaSaladita Medical care as you know is very critical and these Doctors come in to help twice a year and Rustys Villa is also here to give them a place to stay while they are working in the Medical Center in our little town above the beach. Collectively we can all make a difference as its so like living in the early 50s here in a lot of ways that's why this help could be life changing for so many. This group of Missionaries go all over the world and this is one of their favorite stops as they visit this community two times a year.

The surf came up Tuesday and was good all day long so I picked off a time and surfed it for a few hours. This am the swell continues and its looking good for tomorrow and again that will take priority to set the day off with surfing. Why not its Playa LaSaladita Mexico. The sets could be 5 to 6 foot with ultra long rides for as long as you can handle it. Thursday will be hot all day long with water temp set at 80 degrees and the surf will be up.

Got up early for the surf and found it all blown out with a swell but no shape bumpy and windy with overcast skis. Thought I was in Orange County California? If you have a kite board you would be totally stoked on the conditions today. Maybe it will clean up today I should of went into town for supplies today instead of yesterday? Oh well life here is as the tortilla turns and this afternoon the wind changes the surf could get real good? Its all about just hanging out and having fun. Still waiting for the wind to change as the full day was onshore and it will be washed out as far as glassy surf conditions.Still all in all the day is so perfect.

Woke up to glassy conditions this Friday morning and surfing will be on the agenda for sure. The magic of Playa LaSaladita has a way of making you feel very comfortable especially after a good surf. 80* water temps makes it real easy to jump in and is one of the biggest reasons surfers always return to Playa LaSaladita several times a year. Long rides in tropical waters. Only 3 1/2 hours from LAX You can leave in the morning from LAX and be surfing in the afternoon on the same day how cool is that.

Alright today was a surf day as I pulled out my longest fish tail ten feet six inches and paddled it from Rustys Surf Villa through Nobodys Right and all the way out to Corky land and turned left and headed South to the LaSaladita Point Break. It was packed in by everyone trying to catch the set wave of the day so I went to work and caught a few to set my day and paddled back home to Rustys Surf Villa. There was one surfer walking North on the beach and I was able to out paddle his walk so that made my day knowing that I can paddle faster than some people can walk. Have surfboard will travel. What a great way to start the day. March 17 through the 19 LaSaladita was hit with a perfect swell and on those days I pulled out my 9 foot 6 fish tail and walked up to the point and surfed it up nicely on everything that came my way. Was a perfect 3 day swell with long 400 to 500 yard rides on the bigger set waves

March 20 a very special day for our family as its was our Dads birthday and if he were with us he would of reached 97 today. He raced Harley Davidson in the dirt tracks around Southern California in the early 1930s and won a lot of races to be the So Cal State Champ in Dirt Track in 1936 So I paddled out today to the point from Rustys Surf Villa with my 10 foot 6 fish tail and caught him some waves as Dad always loved the beach too and was an accomplished body surfer He raised his family up in Huntington Beach California and that led to us being a surfing family

Wednesday evening I went surfing till the sun set with a new swell building and it really hit big Thursday morning and built into the evening with crashing waves making sounds that kept you wondering how big Friday would be. I felt some neck pain and elected to stay out of this big surf Friday but all in all it was at least 10 foot on the sets with long rides into a shore break that pounded the beach. The surf is still holding and Saturday will have some waves waiting for us when we wake up for sure it will be a good day of surfing as this swell hangs in three for more surf over the weekend. Playa LaSaladita holds a south swell more consistently than most beaches in Guerrero Mexico Buenos Notches see you in the line-up tomorrow morning

Well its Easter Week and we have a real full house with a Lazro Cardneness Family celebrating Holy Week 5 days at Rustys Surf Villa. One big party but that is what holidays are for. Check guests photos for some of our visitors plus this is the very first full house that we have booked into Rustys Surf Villa it feels good to have the construction behind us as we have fun enjoying what we built here at Playa LaSaladita Mexico This is our Grand Opening Year 2010

A perfect swell hit Playa LaSaladita Friday building into Saturday with overhead conditions with classic conditions like this the rides will be 2 minutes plus on the point depending where you take off April 2010

May 2010 over all review. Rustys Surf Villa now has free internet. Yes we offer free WiFi for our guests as we appreciate your business. The surf raged in the past two weeks of May. Rio Nexpa was 20^ on the day the last swell peaked. Ryan was one of 4 in the line up that day. Playa LaSaladita was much smaller like 8 with occasional 10 on the day that swell hit and that was fun for Dad. A new swell landed last night and Playa LaSaladita is going off with sets out as far as the eye can see. Once it settles it will be a blast as I surfed these conditions yesterday and the ride was way bumpy surprising you at times when you get launched and making the sections are very tricky on this day of surfing May 21st 2010.

Rustys Surf Villa now has on the property a 12 foot boat with ores for the flat glassy days if you decide to fish out front off of the rock reefs could be a way to pass the time while waiting for the next swell. Yes we have a few fishing poles we can loan out with the boat if you decide to go fishing? Also we will be throwing in a horse shoe pit once we locate the poles We have the shoes waiting for the games to begin.