Rustys Surf Villa Ready for 2010

By Rusty

Rustys Surf Villa is almost out of the rainy season. From May 31st to September 12th this year Playa LaSaladita had close to 56" of rain. I am flying back in to open up the Villa for the new season. Surfing tropical water is very welcome because the average temp in Huntington Beach this summer was 58* water temp and that was a warm day sometimes it was 52* So 80* tropical surf conditions will be on the agenda soon. Flying in October 12th to enjoy our new home in Playa LaSaladita. I can't wait to get back to the friendly local people that have been so Special to our family for the past 10 years of surfing Playa LaSaladita. Thanks to Lourdes and Elsa and the whole Valencia Family I was able to stay in comfort at the House of Waves while under construction of Rusty's Surf Villa.

 Rustys Surf Villa is connected with the locals to give you different services that they provide upon request. Wax Surf Photos will pick you up and take you on surf tours and take video or still shots of your surfing experience. Binito Valencia has a new 25 foot ponga boat for hire and will take you to the popular fishing and surf spots in his boat. Victor has horses that are available upon request in case you want to ride off into the sunset on the LaPlaya.