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New Hi-Def Optima Projector With Super Big Screen

October 2010 Rusty's Surf Villa has new hi-def projector for all of your video needs to watch Big Screen movies at its best in the evening around the pool setting that we have waiting for you. Soon we are setting up a 9 hole Frisbee Golf course and a Horse Shoe Pit to pass the time after surfing the day away. Its all just part of the day and night life here at Rusty's Surf Villa.

Rustys Surf Villa Ready for 2010

Rustys Surf Villa is almost out of the rainy season. From May 31st to September 12th this year Playa LaSaladita had close to 56" of rain. I am flying back in to open up the Villa for the new season. Surfing tropical water is very welcome because the average temp in Huntington Beach this summer was 58* water temp and that was a warm day sometimes it was 52* So 80* tropical surf conditions will be on the agenda soon. Flying in October 12th to enjoy our new home in Playa LaSaladita. I can't wait to get back to the friendly local people that have been so Special to our family for the past 10 years of surfing Playa LaSaladita. Thanks to Lourdes and Elsa and the whole Valencia Family I was able to stay in comfort at the House of Waves while under construction of Rusty's Surf Villa.

 Rustys Surf Villa is connected with the locals to give you different services that they provide upon request. Wax Surf Photos will pick you up and take you on surf tours and take video or still shots of your surfing experience. Binito Valencia has a new 25 foot ponga boat for hire and will take you to the popular fishing and surf spots in his boat. Victor has horses that are available upon request in case you want to ride off into the sunset on the LaPlaya.

Surfs Up

Wednesday the swell started showing and Thursday was great with the swell building all day and into the evening and today was as epic of a day surfing with friends Tim Dorsey as we both fell into the same wave and rode it at least 500 yards with a stoke that made me feel like a kid again. Corky Carrol was ripping it up with bigger sets around 6 foot Wax from Wax-Surf Photos was clicking away in the line up with a helmet cam so you should tune into his website for today's action located in our Web links On a 0 to 10 this day of surfing was a 15 and life is "as the tortilla turns in Playa LaSaladita Mexico

ZIH is airport destination

Rustys Villa construction pictures from start to finish are found on my Veterans Website located in Rustys Family Photo Link at top of VFVS Cover Page. We started Rusty Villa construction November of 2006 and fine tuning it December 2009.

Call Rusty for reservations on his CA Cell phone (949) 705-7009 for quicker response and leave a message and we can get back to you the same day. We have WI-FI available for your internet needs while you visit Rusty's Surf Villa.

Grand Opening in 2010

Rusty Villa Welcomes all Visitors with the aloha spirit in this beautiful paradise called Playa La Saladita The magic of Playa La Saladita starts with the locals who live there as we share these perfect waves with them we all share a stoke knowing that everyone is surfing from all levels of surfing experience. Playa La Saladita has a kinder gentler wave on most days and will rock on certain days its all about just being there that is the dream for most that come time and time again.

This surfing spot has caught the eyes of so many over the past decade since I have been surfing it and I notice more and more return faces which makes the experience of surfing Playa La Saladita that much better when your surfing with friends from past years makes everyday perfect.