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2 Weeker At Rusty's Surf Villa

Recaping the 2 weeks of good times at Rusty's Surf Villa, Playa LaSaladita, Mexico 2 swells back to back filled in 13 of 14 days with perfect surf and to end the vacation with a birthday pool party that went on into the early morning.

Manny's Two Week Vacation Rusty's Surf Villa.

of Manny;s 2 week vacation at Rustys Surf Villa. Perfect surfing with two different swells pulling through to give Manny and crew the perfect surf vacation. When Manny is not surfing Playa LaSaladita, Mexico he is shaping up custom surfboards out of Encinitas Ca. Listed in our Weblink Section of this website.

Rustys Surf Villa Party Tub

Some local surfers who visit Playa LaSaladita have droped into Rustys Surf Villa to hang out in the Party Tub. Rustys Surf Villa is less than one hour away from Zihuaetejo or Ixtapa Gurrero Mexico.

Rusty's Mexico Vacation Rental

This video shows off Surfers Suite #1 Presteen setting for all your vacation needs.

NO Bull

No Bulls Allowed on private propetry, The horses, bulls, donkeys run the land free, fences are put up to keep them off of private property but leave the gate open and they wander in just because they can. Rusty is chasing off this bull today at Rustys Surf Villa.

Visual of Rusty's Surf Villa

Tourism to Mexico jumps nearly 20%

Good News South of the Border with Tourism jumping 20% on the peaceful beaches in Maninland Mexico.

Olas Chidas LaSaladita Surfing

3 Noserides.MP4

Just connecting to the You Tube LaSaladita videos. Long rides are so perfect for everyone who paddles out. Share your favorite video's with Rusty's Surf Villa once you post them with You Tube.

Sunset Beach CA 5th Street Ship Wreck

Just shot this video of a 40 foot sailboat that lost engine that ran a ground at 5th street, Sunset Beach, Ca